Garth Brooks opionion about George strait

Garth Brooks, the country star will lift up everyone’s mood with his performance. But even a talented star like him had a star that he was inspired by, and that was no other than George Strait. 

During his performance in the Rayman Auditorium, Brooks shared his opinion on George Strait and how Strait inspired him during his college days. 

Garth Brooks’ Opinion on George Strait 

“We can talk about The King George Strait all night long”, Brooks told the fans while he was about to sing “You Look So Good in Love.” 

Brooks even shared the moment when he was a bouncer at a dancing hall in Oklahoma and shared it was one of the “craziest years of his life.” He even shared that “all the big guys took care” of his job and he was just there to enjoy. 

“I’m not the size of a bouncer,” he admits. “The big guys took care of the trouble, and I danced with the women.”

Although Brooks was not as good as other bouncers, he was chosen to be the Strait’s security during the country star’s entrance and exit from his van. He was assigned at the opposite of the parking lot. 

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Brooks shares that “they got them a tee-shirt” which he still “has the tee-shirt”. 

In an interview with the Serendipity Podcast, Brooks revealed that George Strait was his great inspiration. “When I heard George Strait, I went holy cow, that’s what I want to do.”

“I love music, [I was] the last of six kids, so lots of music in the house. Dad played guitar, and Mom actually was signed to Capital Records in the ’50s, so the dream had always kind of been in our house. So, it didn’t seem impossible at the time,”

Brooks continued; “I was going to be a professional athlete, and the only thing, that little minute thing that kept me from being a professional athlete was my athletic ability.” 

He added, “So, when I heard George Strait, that’s when I realized what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and Ink I got to tell you, I’ve been lucky to do some pretty cool things. But I would be lying if I told you every morning when I woke up, I no longer want to be George Strait. That would be a lie. Every day, there’s just something about him that’s going to be forever cool for me.”


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