Who is Kane Brown’s wife Katelyn Jae Brown?

Kane Brown has always been one of the renowned country singers. His “Thank God’ hit no. 2 in February. He dueted it with his wife Katelyn Brown, and since then the fans have wanted to know the story behind her. 

Who is Katelyn Brown?  

Born in Pennsylvania, on June 19, 1992, Katelyn Brown is a singer-songwriter. She chose to pursue this career in her own will. Before graduating from college she released “24KT”, “Perfect” and more. 

“I feel like that’s the reason why I felt held back and things weren’t progressing, I told my mom, ‘I don’t want people to tell me what to do and I don’t have the knowledge to back up my decision or to argue what I feel is right.’ So I wanted to know the business side.” She shared with a college magazine. 

The way she learned music is really inspiring. She enrolled online at Berklee College of Music and graduated at 2019 with a music degree. Katelyn said; “I started realizing that the things I was learning in school were what he was dealing with in real life.” 

“So if Kane came home and he had a question I’d often be like, You know, you don’t have to do that, right? They’re just telling you you have to do that. You’re the artist, and you can do whatever you want to do,’”

“Finishing my education was the most rewarding thing I have done for myself thus far,” she said on Instagram in May 2019. “If you are thinking whether or not your going to get your degree or if you can get through the years of college… DO IT!”

What does Kane Brown’s wife do for a living?

Katelyn Jae Brown

Katelyn was already starting to gain fame through her music. She even signed a management deal with Johnny Wright, who is known for being with famous singer Britney Spears and the girls’ favorite, Backstreet Boys. 

Although talented in the music field, Katlyn also had a business side. “I fell in love with the business side and my husband and I talk a lot about starting our own label or publishing company, but then I also have this extreme creative side of me that loves to write, who loves to sing.” said Katelyn.

Katelyn was probably giving a hint that she’ll be making less music during her interview with Taylor Magazine in 2019.“Honestly, I don’t think I’ll go back to performing. If I get back into music, it’ll be working in the studio and writing. I’ll leave the performing part to Kane!” 

How Kane and Katelyn Brown Met

Kane and Katelyn met in 2016, when she came to see one of Kane’s shows. Fate was on their side because they were supposed to meet a year earlier. 

Kane was offered to be on one of Katelyn’s music videos, but because he was having his first show, he had to cancel. “I was supposed to be in her music video because she was an artist as well, and it couldn’t happen because my show was the same day as the music video,” he said. 

“So, a year goes by and the same guy that we were working with brings her to a show.” said Kane during a live Instagram, Q&A with Radio.com. 

A year later one of their colleagues brought her to the show. “She didn’t want to come and he forced her basically,” Brown said. “We met, we didn’t talk at all, I maybe said ‘hey’ to her—but I thought she was adorable, looking at her all night.” 

The country star knew he had to make a first move, so he decided to DM her on Instagram.  “The first time I saw her, it was the shy giddiness, I didn’t know what was going to happen. She lived in Orlando [and] I was in Miami.”

“I messaged her on Instagram the next night and said, ‘Hey, when are we going to hang out?’ and flew her down, and she hasn’t left since.” Brown told Taste of Country Nights

How did Katelyn Jaw Brown and Kane Brown get married? 

Kane brown and Katelyn Jae Brown

During Kane’s concert in Philadelphia, he shared news of him and Katelyn getting engaged on Twitter. 

“I just got engaged to a girl from Philadelphia two days ago, this is my first time making this announcement, but we’re in Philly, so I thought I had to go ahead and make the announcement, so thank you Philadelphia,” he wrote

He proposed to Katelyn on Easter Sunday, 2017, while watching The Amityville Horror. The movie is actually about a new married couple, so it makes sense why Kane had planned to do it. 

Brown himself commits that it was “weird” but he just couldn’t wait. His original plan was to include “rose petals” and more. 

On October 12, 2018, the pair officially decided to tie the knot. They only invited 200 guests in their marriage. “We decided to exchange letters to each other earlier in the day and keep the actual vows a little more traditional,” the couple told to PEOPLE. 

“We wanted something here in Nashville and loved the idea of having it at home and not traveling since we are on the road so much,” the two said in a statement. There were about 200 friends and family there. “I don’t have so many friends… I have my friends that I know have been there for me, and then I’ve got some new friends that I’ve made, artist-wise,” told Kane.

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Does Kane Brown have children?

Katelyn Jae Brown and Kane Brown baby

Six after their wedding, in April 2019, the pair announced that they were expecting their first children on Instagram. 

On October 29, 2019, they welcomed their first children. The pair then posted a picture with their firstborn; “Obsessed with my little family😍, Kingsley Rose we are absolutely in love with you❤️ 10.29.19.”

However, during their second born, the couple decided to keep things quiet for the time being. The public was unaware about their second daughter, Kodi Jane who was born in December 2021. 

Choosing to keep my pregnancy quiet was the best decision I’ve ever made,” said Katelyn. “Soaking in special moments with my daughter and husband without the influence of social media and outside world made this time that much more intimate and unforgettable.”

Brown clearly knows how important it is to be with your children since his dad wasn’t there for him. He makes sure to spend quality time with his children and complete all the necessities as a father. 

“I told myself I was gonna be the best dad I could be, and so far it’s been pretty easy. It’s just been me and Kate, her mom, and Kingsley. … I’m just ready for her to walk. And then I’m in a whole new stage of dad-hood.”

Katelyn also stated that she had already imagined what kind of father Kane would become in the future; “I also think back to my relationship with Kane and how we didn’t think we could become any closer, I feel like now we have this little girl that’s half of me and half of him. He’s so protective already and we’re naturally becoming parents.”

The pair have been there for each other whenever it was needed. Kate’s been a great mom and a huge backbone for me if I have to go to the studio or if I go to a writing session, there’s never anything that she can’t handle. She never hits me up and says, ‘Hey you have to leave your write early because I have to do this.’ She’s just there, so she’s awesome.” says Kane. 

“I am so grateful and blessed to be these little girls’ mama and cannot wait to raise strong, confident, sweet little ladies with you [Kane Brown], You are the man we all look up to.” said Katelyn after their second daughter, Kodi’s birth. 

Katelyn has her own wine company 

Besides Swimwear, Katelyn also owns a wine company. She opened her business on 2022, October 20 and announced the launch of Allen Rose

“I have been working on this project for almost two years now and cannot believe I get to finally share it with you all,” she wrote on Instagram, adding that the name Allen Rose is a combination of her and Kane’s middle names. The brand kicked off with the release of a white wine and rosé, both named after her daughters, Kingsley Rose and Kodi Jane.

“Family & friends mean the most in our lives, and coming from a family where sitting around a table with a glass of wine created some of the best memories and beautiful conversations, really encouraged me to create something special and delicious to continue those traditions.” she wrote in her caption. 

Katelyn has participated in multiple music projects with Kane  

Katelyn Jae Brown and Kane Brown

The couple have worked on numerous projects together. In 2020, Katelyn appeared on one of Kane’s music videos, “Worship You.” 

Let’s take a look at how Katelyn felt during the shoot; “It was so special to film this video with our family, It meant the world to me to be able to film the ‘Worship You’ video with Katelyn and Kingsley,” Kane added. “This video will always have a special place in my heart because we filmed it together as a family.” the couple said to PEOPLE

How can we even forget about the no.1 song, “Thank God.” Kane dueted the song with his wife. It didn’t take time for it to break charts afterward. They even performed the song on Kane’s concert, in Ottawa, Canada, in December 2022. 

The couple was then invited on The Bobby Bones Show where they told the audience about their future collaborations together. 

“We would love to do more music together, for sure,” Katelyn said. “But we’re kind of just taking it day-by-day.”

She added of recording their song together, “We had so much fun. I feel like it brought another bond in our relationship and it’s something that we both love.”

Kane’s effort to make his marriage stronger

Kane knows that to make a relationship long-lasting, he needs to spend time together with his people. He then shared his strategy with PEOPLE on how he makes time for his family.

“We prioritize time together and make sure to have as much normalcy as possible with date nights and nights at home with our dogs, 

“And we have a great appreciation for each other and respect each of our careers and time to do their thing as well. We love each other but are also friends—it’s so important to have that balance.”

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