richest country singers ranked

When it comes to making revenue through country music, it’s sure a challenge, but some artists have managed to prove us wrong and their net worth speaks for them.

Country music has a massive fan base. When it comes to being top of the revenue chart, some artists have even popped off after their retirement and some have proved that a business mind and good vocals are all you need to top the charts.

Multiple country stars have run successful careers, but there are only a few that can be titled ‘one of the richest country singers.’

12. Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley debuted in 1999 with the album Who Needs Pictures and since then he has consistently delivered masterpieces that have topped the charts multiple times.

Paisley has even broken records for having the most consecutive singles to be at No. 1 on the US Billboard Country Airplay charts. The country star has also won three Grammy Awards. He has also collaborated with artists including; Dolly Parton, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, and many other popular country artists.

If you remember the music from Cars, then you should give the credit to Brad Paisley. Brad also established the bourbon brand in 2021, known as American Highway Reserve. The country star has had a perfect run in his career and has made a net worth of nearly $120 Million

11. Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

The “Jesus Take the Wheel” singer rose to popularity after she won the American Idol Season Four in 2005. Carrie instantly gained fame for her powerful vocals. Carrie Underwood has won 8 Grammy Awards and she has over 70 million records sold.

She is truly the country’s gem. Carrie has had several songs on the country charts and on the Billboard Hot 100. Her “Inside Your Heaven” was even placed at No.1. When it comes to having a successful career as a female country singer, Carrie Underwood’s name comes under it.

More than just being a singer, she is also a great businesswoman. Carrie has partnered with renowned companies;  Skechers, Target, Almay, Nintendo, and many more. She has even appeared in multiple movies. Carrie Underwood is really an influential female country star. Her net worth is estimated to be around $140 Million.

10. Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson

With over 21 albums, Alan Jackson has had a successful career in country music, managing to make a net worth of $150 Million.

Alan Jackson had a unique way of recording songs. It was the fusion of classic honky-tonk and modern pop country. With such style, he managed to win over two Grammy Awards and 17 CMAs. The “Chattahoochee” singer has made a huge impact in the country world and influenced multiple other artists.

Alan Jackson has sold over 80 million records. His name is held in the Grand Ole Opry and in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Alan was surely blessed in his music career, but he was also blessed with a business mind.

The country icon owns the restaurants Cracker Barrel and Silverball Whiskey. Alan also has a partnership with Ford.

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9. Luke Bryan

luke bryan

When it comes to having the best-selling records, Luke Bryan rises at the top of the list. Before gaining fame on his own, he used to write songs for other country singers. After some time, Bryan signed a contract with Capital Nashville and released his album.

Although Bryan has only released seven studio albums in his career, he has gained massive success with songs like; “Country Girl (Shake It for Me)” and “Drunk on You.”

Bryan has also won multiple awards and has placed 26 songs as No.1 Billboard Country Airplay Hits. He has also played the role of judge on American Idol and co-host of the CMA Awards. Luke has gained great fame and success in the music industry and his net worth is estimated to be $160 Million.

8. Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney has such a charming vocal that he can make a hit any both pop and country genres. His songs; “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems” and “When the Sun Goes Down” are the ones that helped him to gain a huge fan base.

Kenny Chesney is 56 years old and with over 20 albums, the country star has managed to acquire great success. He started his music career in the early 1990s, and since then the icon has had multiple songs on the country chart and some were even placed on Billboard’s Hot 100’s Top 40.

Although gaining popularity in the field of music, Kenny Chesney also had a chance to gain fame in Hollywood, but Chesney wasn’t interested at all. He was offered to appear in multiple TV shows but he declined.

Kenny has won multiple awards, he was even the Entertainer of the Year and Top Male Vocalist. With over 30 million albums sold worldwide, he is one of the most greatest crossover country singers. With such success, Kenny Chesney has a total net worth of $180 Million. 

7. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

The pair are not only known for being a power couple, they are also known for having individual successful career. With their hit like; “It’s Your Love” and “Like We Never Loved at All,” the pair has managed to earn a great fanbase. If we compare Tim McGraw and Faith Hill individually, their net worth may sound low, but when combined it’s $200 Million.

Faith Hill managed to gain fame in a very young age. She was only 16 when she started her own country band. Hill then moved to Nashville where she was scouted by the talent seekers. Her “Wild One” skyrocketed and was placed at No. 1 in the Billboard Country chart.

Whereas, her husband, McGraw rose to popularity between the time period 1990s – 2000s.  To this date, he has released 16 albums including; Not a Moment Too Soon, which became one of the best-selling country music albums of all time.

McGraw and Faith Hill went on tour together and that moment is now known as one of the most successful tours in the history of country music.

6. Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers

We lost the country icon, Kenny Rogers in 2020, but his songs will forever live inside us. Kenny Rogers started his musical career as a psychedelic rock and jazz performer in the 1950s then switched to country in the 70s.

Kenny Rogers was also placed in the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2013. With his songs coming on the top Billboard charts, including many No. 1, he had a successful career. Songs such as; Lucille, She Believes In Me, Lady, The Gambler, Islands in The Stream will forever have a special place in the hearts of country fans.

Throughout his career, Kenny Rogers recorded over 69 records and sold over 120 Million records. The icon was a real talent. Besides being a singer, he was also a photographer and an actor. He also established “Kenny Rogers Roasters” with the former CEO of KFC. After his death, his net worth was estimated to be nearly $250 Million.

May his soul rest in peace.

5. George Strait

George Strait

The icon of country music or shall we say “King of Country Music”, George Strait released his first single “Unwound” in 1981. Although Strait had begun his music career in the 1970s, he had a hard time for a decade. George Strait was even ready to quit music when he got his first record, but then his debut single changed his entire career.

The King of Country Music then started to get hits consistently. He had 60 of No. 1 in the 80s. George Strait was even named as the Most Influential Country Artist of the Last 25 Years.

George Strait had a whopping career. He has owned over 13 multi-platinum records, 38 gold albums, 33 platinum, and 13 multi-platinum records. He is the third most widely selling artist in the story of music with The Beatles on first and Elvis Presley on second. The icon has sold more than 69 million albums in the United States alone.

Besides being an icon in country music, Strait is also known for being an investor. He has invested in multiple businesses, including Código 1530 Tequila. With such success in music and business, his net worth is estimated to be around $300 Million.

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4. Toby Keith

Toby Keith

Toby Keith is another country icon who has one of the best-selling records. Toby Keith started his music career in 1933, and throughout his career, he has released 21 albums, including
two Christmas albums.
Keith released How Do You Like Me Now?!, in 1999 and became one of the biggest country songs. Keith was also awarded as the most popular country song of the decade for Should’ve Been a Cowboy, his signature song. 

Toby Keith has had over $40 Million album sales and his 61 singles were placed on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. Keith didn’t only gain success in music, but he also topped the charts in business ventures.

He owns the TK Steelman clothing line and I Love This Bar & Grill restaurant. With success in every field, Toby Keith has managed to earn $370 Million throughout his career.

3. Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks is another artist with the best-selling records in country music history With over 20 awards and 17 American Music Awards, Garth Brooks’ net worth is estimated to be around $430 Million.

Garth Brooks started his music career somewhere in the 80s and gained fame in 1989 when he released his first album. His albums constantly started to rank on the Billboard charts. Brooks has even received diamond certification throughout his career for nine of his albums, even The Beatles only had six.

Although Brooks is a country star, he was inspired by rock artists, Freddie Mercury, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and KISS.

The icon has also appeared on TV gigs and owns an online music store, GhostTunes. Brooks even established his own record label, Pearl Records.

2. Shania Twain

Shania Twain

The Canadian country star Shania Twain started her music career in 1983 but she only received popularity during the 1990s.  During this era, she owned everything and everyone in country pop and country music.

During the ’90s era, she broke multiple records with her album Come On Over, which even remained on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart for over 97 weeks. The artist has managed to earn over $410 Million. 

Shania Twain has won Grammy Awards five times, 27 BMI Songwriter Awards, and is placed at the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. She is also one of the most successful bestselling female artist in the United States. She has even appeared on multiple TV shows and on American Idol as a judge.

The country star has even established a non-profit charity named, “Shania Kids Can.” The charity was founded in 2010 with a goal to help the kids who were suffering through the financial crisis.

1. Dolly Parton

If George Strait is known as the ‘King of Country Music’ then Dolly Parton is known as the ‘Queen of Country Music.’ The icon has been on country music for more than 50 years and through her career, she has released 50 studio albums. Dolly Parton is the richest country artist with a net worth of $675 Million.

The queen of country music has won every music award there is to offer. She has received 25 RIAA-certified multi-platinum, platinum, and gold. She has won 10 Grammy Awards and is in every Hall of Fame.

Parton has even made an appearance in multiple movies. Despite having fame in the music industry, she is also popular in Hollywood. In fact, Dolly Parton has a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. The icon also actively helps multiple charities.

She has even donated over 100 million books to children from all around the globe. Dolly herself rose through poverty, so she tries her best to give a satisfying life to the children. Parton nearly spends a million dollars every year on charity. Her efforts can be seen on The Dollywood Foundation, the My People Fund, and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, she really is a true hero.


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