richest country singers ranked

richest country singers

When it comes to making revenue through country music, it’s sure a challenge, but some artists have managed to prove us wrong and their net worth speaks for them. Country music has a massive fan base. When it comes to being top of the revenue chart, some artists have even popped off after their retirement … Read more

Chris Stapleton and His Wife Morgane love story

Chris Stapleton and His Wife Morgane

Chris Stapleton managed to gain great success in his music career. The eight-time Grammy winner, Chris always makes things look simple but it wouldn’t have been successful without his wife, Morgane Stapleton.  The couple has been married for over 15 years and Chris states that most of the credit for his success goes to Morgane.“Make … Read more

Garth Brooks opionion about George strait

Garth Brooks and George strait

Garth Brooks, the country star will lift up everyone’s mood with his performance. But even a talented star like him had a star that he was inspired by, and that was no other than George Strait.  During his performance in the Rayman Auditorium, Brooks shared his opinion on George Strait and how Strait inspired him … Read more

Jelly Roll journey from jail to singer

Jelly Roll

Jelly Role’s story really motivates us. From staying behind bars to winning a Country Music Association Award for the New Best Artist and being a Grammy Award Nominee two times, his story of struggle inspires many souls.  Just at the age of 39, he has had three No.1 country hits. How did Jelly Role managed … Read more

Who is Kane Brown’s wife Katelyn Jae Brown?

Kane brown and Katelyn Jae Brown

Kane Brown has always been one of the renowned country singers. His “Thank God’ hit no. 2 in February. He dueted it with his wife Katelyn Brown, and since then the fans have wanted to know the story behind her.  Who is Katelyn Brown?   Born in Pennsylvania, on June 19, 1992, Katelyn Brown is a … Read more

Is Morgan Wallen Married?

morgan wallen

When it comes to breaking records in country music, who else does it better than Morgan Wallens? He’s also known as the Country’s ladies’ man, which makes perfect sense.  Morgan Wallen was nominated for Entertainer of the Year and Album of the Year. He has won multiple awards which attracts the ladies even more. But … Read more

Who is Luke Combs’ wife?

Luke Combs wife Nicole Hocking

We all remember when Luke Comb released his debut country song “Hurricane” and in no time it started to rise to the top of the Country Radio Airplay Chart.  In 2023 he even released a cover song of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car which quickly caught many eyes. It was nominated for Best Solo Performance at … Read more