Best Country Singers Of All Time

Country music, with its soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, has captured the hearts of millions across the globe. At the core of this genre are its legendary singers who have left an indelible mark on the musical landscape.

From the iconic yodels of Jimmie Rodgers to the timeless ballads of Patsy Cline, country music boasts a rich tapestry of vocal talent that has shaped the industry.

Best Country Singers

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most exceptional country music artists who have stood out for their unique talents, remarkable achievements, and lasting contributions.

Artist Name Album Sales (Millions)
Randy Travis 18
Rascal Flatts 18.5
Carrie Underwood 19
Hank Williams Jr 19.5
Johnny Cash 23.5
Vince Gill 24
Toby Keith 25
Kenny Chesney 25.5
Taylor Swift 26.5
Brooks & Dunn 27.5
Linda Ronstadt 30
Dixie Chicks 30.5
Willie Nelson 31.5
Reba McEntire 41
Alan Jackson 43.5
Alabama 46.5
Kenny Rogers 47.5
Shania Twain 48
George Strait 69
Garth Brooks 138

Hank Williams

Hank Williams, a name synonymous with country music, stands tall as a defining figure in the genre’s history. With chart-topping hits like “Move It On Over” and “Jambalaya,” Williams left an indelible mark on honky-tonk music.

His signing with MGM Records in 1947 propelled him to country music stardom, and his legacy lives on through the generations of Williams artists who followed.

Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline’s mellifluous voice transcended genres, capturing the hearts of both country and pop music enthusiasts. Her rise to fame was meteoric, marked by hits like “I Fall to Pieces” and “Crazy.” Tragically, her life was cut short by a plane crash in 1963, but her music continues to resonate and inspire artists to this day.

Roy Acuff

Roy Acuff’s contributions to country music are immeasurable. Often referred to as “The King of Country Music,” Acuff played a pivotal role in shaping the genre’s modern sound. His involvement with the Grand Ole Opry and the founding of Acuff-Rose Records solidified his influence on the industry.

Kitty Wells

Kitty Wells shattered glass ceilings with her hit “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels.” This trailblazing songstress paved the way for women in country music, securing her title as the “Queen of Country Music.” Her influence continues to inspire female artists striving for recognition.

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash’s resonant voice and distinctive style left an indelible mark on country music. With hits like “Ring of Fire” and “Folsom Prison Blues,” Cash explored themes of sorrow and redemption. His legacy lives on through his iconic recordings and his influence on generations of musicians.

Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn’s journey from an impoverished childhood to becoming a pioneering female country star is nothing short of inspiring. Her powerful voice and gutsy lyrics resonated with audiences, earning her the title of “The Coal Miner’s Daughter.” Lynn’s enduring impact on country music continues to be felt.

George Strait

George Strait’s reign as the “King of Country” is a testament to his unparalleled success. With a remarkable 60 number-one hits and over 120 million records sold worldwide, Strait’s neotraditional country sound left an indelible mark on the genre. His influence continues even in his semi-retired state.

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan’s music career saw him journey from songwriting to superstardom. His blend of country and hip-hop influences set him apart, resulting in numerous chart-topping hits. Bryan’s ability to connect with audiences through his energetic performances has solidified his status as a country music mainstay.

Keith Urban

Keith Urban’s journey from Australia to Nashville led him to become a multifaceted artist. His blend of rock sounds with country music created a signature style that resonates with fans worldwide. Urban’s role as a judge on American Idol and his collaborations with Yamaha showcase his versatility.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s evolution from country music to global pop sensation is a testament to her versatility as an artist. With hits spanning multiple genres, Swift’s impact on the music industry is undeniable. Her crossover success and numerous awards underscore her position as one of the most influential artists of her time.

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Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s story of rising from a humble background to becoming a country music legend is awe-inspiring. Her 25 number-one country singles showcase her ability to connect with audiences through heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies. Beyond her music, Parton’s acting career and philanthropic efforts through The Dollywood Foundation highlight her multi-faceted talents and her commitment to making a positive impact.

George Jones

George Jones, often called “The Rolls Royce of Country Music,” left an indelible mark with his rich voice and emotional performances. His extensive catalog of over 160 singles on country charts reflects his exceptional storytelling ability and connection with listeners worldwide.

Luke Combs

Luke Combs’ rise to fame began as a child performer and culminated in his successful debut album in 2017. His ability to connect with listeners through heartfelt performances, coupled with his Grammy Award nominations and Country Music Association Awards, establishes him as a promising young star in the country music landscape.

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley’s diverse musical style spans various subgenres, reflecting his creativity and versatility. With chart-topping singles and a wide range of awards, including Grammys and Country Music Association Awards, Paisley’s impact extends beyond his musical talents, as he’s also made contributions to film projects like Pixar’s “Cars.”

Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn’s nickname “Coal Miner’s Daughter” pays homage to her humble beginnings and resilient spirit. Her timeless hits and numerous awards, including Grammy wins and nominations, solidify her position as a country music legend and a trailblazer for women in the industry.

Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris’ collaborations with fellow artists and her solo accomplishments showcase her musical depth and ability to cross genres. Her 14 Grammy Awards and membership in the Grand Ole Opry underscore her enduring influence in the country music realm.

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks, a true legend in the world of country music, redefined the status of a country superstar. Hailing from Oklahoma, Brooks not only conquered the charts but also managed to pack some of the largest stadiums across the globe. His achievements are nothing short of extraordinary – he shattered The Beatles’ record of 6 diamond albums by amassing an impressive 9 diamond albums of his own.

Since his debut in 1989, Garth Brooks has remained a dominant and immensely popular figure in country music. His unparalleled drawing power is evident even today, with a memorable performance in 2019 at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis that drew a staggering audience of 140,000. Brooks’ remarkable journey also includes his talents as a baseball player, with notable spring training and minor league experiences.

Tim McGraw

A name synonymous with country music excellence, Tim McGraw has been a consistent chart-topper since the 1990s. Born in Louisiana, McGraw boasts an impressive record of 25 number-one singles and 10 number-one albums. His voice, highlighted in hits like “Just to See You Smile,” has earned him a distinctive place in the genre.

Beyond his musical feats, McGraw’s accolades extend to acting and other arenas. With three Grammy awards and numerous other honors, his versatility is undeniable. His 2020 album, “Here on Earth,” continued his streak of number-one country albums, showcasing his enduring relevance. Interestingly, McGraw’s influence even played a role in launching Taylor Swift’s career, as her debut single was titled “Tim McGraw.”

Shania Twain

Shania Twain, a Canadian-born artist, turned her career around spectacularly after a less-than-successful debut album. Her Grammy-winning album “The Woman In Me (Needs The Man In You)” marked a turning point in 1995, but it was the 1997 release “Come On Over” that catapulted her to megastardom. With hits like “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” and “You’re Still the One,” Twain reshaped the boundaries of pop-country stardom.

Twain’s innovative use of music videos set her apart, and she holds the distinction of being the only woman across all genres with three consecutive diamond albums. Her impact on the country music landscape cannot be overstated, especially her influence in bringing pop elements into the fold.

Chris Stapleton

Few voices in modern country music carry the gravitas of Chris Stapleton’s. His journey began as the lead singer of The SteelDrivers, but his solo career has been nothing short of remarkable. With 14 Country Music Association awards, 10 Academy of Country Music awards, and 8 Grammy wins, Stapleton’s prowess is universally recognized.

Hits like “Tennessee Whiskey” and his debut album “Traveller” solidified his place as one of the genre’s best. His 2020 album “Starting Over” continued his streak by winning the Grammy for Best Country Album. Stapleton’s deep, resonant voice and undeniable talent have cemented his legacy as one of the finest modern country singers.

Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee stands tall as one of the most celebrated female artists in the country music landscape. Known for her versatility in performing rockabilly, pop, and country music, she’s best remembered for her hit “I’m Sorry.” Her impact during the 60s was immense, as she stood alongside titans like Elvis, The Beatles, and Ray Charles with numerous top-ten hits.

A trailblazer in her own right, Brenda Lee holds the distinction of being the first woman inducted into both the Rock and Roll and Country Music Hall of Fame. Her influence transcends generations, leaving an enduring legacy that continues to inspire artists to this day.


The world of country music is a rich tapestry woven together by the remarkable voices of these iconic singers. From Hank Williams to Taylor Swift, each artist has left an indelible mark on the genre, shaping its evolution and resonating with audiences around the world. Their stories, melodies, and legacies continue to inspire new generations of artists and music enthusiasts alike.

Who is considered the King of Country Music?

Roy Acuff, often referred to as “The King of Country Music,” played a significant role in shaping the genre’s modern sound.

Who is considered the most successful country singer of all time?

Garth Brooks holds the title of the most successful country singer of all time, with record-breaking 9 diamond albums.

How did Tim McGraw influence Taylor Swift’s career?

Tim McGraw’s influence can be seen in Taylor Swift’s debut single, which was actually titled “Tim McGraw.”

What is Shania Twain’s unique contribution to country music?

Shania Twain redefined pop-country stardom with hits like “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” and holds the distinction of having three consecutive diamond albums.

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