What happened to Gretchen Wilson?

Gretchen Wilson was a talented individual. Her “All Jacked Up” had reached on the Billboard 200 charts and had 3 number one albums on the Hot Country Albums. 

She had even received 10 Grammy Nominations and was even nominated as the Best Female Country Vocal Performance. 

In 2005 everyone was crazy over the Redneck Woman but after releasing her third album “One of the Boys” her music career started to go downhill, and in multiple legal trouble. So, where did she exactly go wrong? 

What happened to Gretchen Wilson?

Gretchen Wilson

In an interview for her last album “One of the Boys” Gretchen stated that the pressure of being a single mother was getting hard. 

“I spent my whole life looking for that moment, but as prepared as I thought I was, I wasn’t. It happened so fast,” Gretchen said to The Boot. “There was one trip that, I think, we crossed the International Date Line three times in a week-and-a-half. I didn’t know what day it was.”

She continued; “How fortunate am I? Not too many people get to go, ‘I’m going to stay home with my kid for two years, but that time gave me the want-to to get creative, too… It gave me time to think.” 

Gretchen also expressed that she wanted to perform again and was excited about it. “You go back to doing anything that you haven’t done in a while, you get a little nervous, you get a little scared. But, I’m craving the live show,” she said.  

“I’ve missed that a lot, more than I think I know. I’ve missed being onstage and just feeling the excitement from the crowd and hearing them sing my words back to me,” 

She continued; “It’s the greatest high on Earth. It’s a lot of emotions; it’s a lot of different feelings all balled into one.” 

But the future had other plans ready for her. 

Gretchen Wilson was arrested at an airport

Gretchen Wilson Arrested

In August 2018 Gretchen went through a terrible phase of her life. After this incident, she could truly be entitled as one of the worst celebrities. 

According to TMZ, she had gotten into a brawl with another passenger in Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport. After the incident, the state arrested and charged her for rude behavior. 

In her Facebook community, Gretchen posted that currently, she couldn’t clear the air about the situation due to legal matters. However, during an interview with Taste of Country, she confessed her emotions following the incident. 

“I’m saddened by the whole thing. I’m embarrassed that that situation got to where it was… It’s been really frustrating for me not to be able to talk about it, because people who know me know that I just wanna get it straight,” she explained. “I’m reading all of these headlines and am like, ‘Oh gosh, it’s so wrong. It’s all so wrong!'”

It was later revealed on 2018 that the charges related to the incident were all dropped. In another interview with Taste of Country, Gretchen stated that everything was a huge misunderstanding. 

She insisted that she wasn’t involved in any dispute in the airplane. Her bad days doesn’t end here. 

She was accused of causing late-night hote disturbance 

The Connecticut Airport Incident had already impacted her life. Just two years later she was again found causing a disturbance and creating drama. 

The drama takes place in the Hotel Encanto in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Let’s take a look at what the hotel staff had to say about that day. 

The staff revealed that Wilson and her fiance were causing a ruckus in the hotel. The hotel was getting numerous complaints from other guests, and they even requested Nilson and her fiance to keep it low, but they kept on shouting. 

According to the staff member, Wilson said; ‘I paid for the room — I could care less what people think,’ the staff member then continued; “ “Her level of talking is like our yelling.”

However, all these claims came into question when the bodycam obtained by the police footage showed something else. 

The cops then later claimed that no noise crime had been committed that night. The hotel manager decided to let her and her fiance stay there but Wilson assured that she and her fiance would be living immediately. 

“We have been treated like s*** since we’ve been here,” stated Wilson. She even updated her status on Twitter on how horrible the hotel was. 

What is Gretchen Wilson Doing Now?

Gretchen Wilson

Although she faced many challenges after releasing her new album, she didn’t stop her music career. She has performed multiple live performances and even collaborated with multiple artists. 

In addition to her music career, Wilson is also active in multiple charitable organizations and also serves as the national spokesperson for Country Bands Together (a campaign that helps people with obesity.) 

Wilson is a big supporter of adult learners and is currently committed to growing her daughter Grace to be independent. Gretchen is a gem for the music industry who inspires many people to change the world for the better.

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