Who Is Willie Nelson’s Wife? All About Annie D’Angelo

The country music legend, Willie Nelson is known for releasing the most breathtaking songs; On The Road Again and Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, but apart from music, he is also known for having a beautiful bond with his wife Annie D’Angelo. 

Willie Nelson married Annie in 1991, and currently, they have two children together. But how did they end up meeting each other and who exactly is Anna D’Angelo? Let’s find out! 

Willie Nelson expresses his emotions for his wife 

Willie Nelson Wife Annie D'Angelo

One day Willie Nelson was preparing for his movies in 1986, and that’s when he encountered Annie D’Angelo, his makeup artist. 

Both of them have been happily married for more than 3 decades. Surprisingly, their two songs Micah and Lukas Nelson are also following their dad’s footsteps by making music. 

We’ve seen Willie Nelson in multiple interviews and he’s not the type of guy to open up about his wife, but this time he shared with the audience, how much she means to him. 

He expressed his emotions on his 2020 joint memoir Me and Sister Bobby: True Tales of the Family Band, He said; “When it came to romance, I had a gift for complicating things. But marrying Annie wasn’t complicated at all. It’s about the smartest thing I ever did. I can say that because, 34 years after we first met, we’re still together and going strong,”

One an interview with PEOPLE in May 2023 Nelson again praised her wife; “I call her my pet rattler, She’s my lover, my wife, nurse, doctor, bodyguard.”

Annie D’Angelo sure plays a huge role in making Willie Nelosn’s life happier, so who exactly is she? 

Who is Annie D’Angelo? How did they meet? 

Willie Nelson Wife Annie D'Angelo

Annie D’Angelo was a makeup artist before meeting Willie Nelson. She had worked with the movie crews of The Rosary Murders and Bachelor Party. 

In 1987 while Willie Nelson was preparing for his show in the TV movie Stagecoach, that;s where he met his future wife Annie D’Angelo. 

The first thing that helped them to get closer to each other was Neloson’s hair. The makeup artist agreed that there was no need for him to cut his braids for the shoot. That was the beginning of their love story. 

In 1988 Nelson divorced his third wife Connie Koepke. “My love for Annie was all-consuming, but winning her over wasn’t easy,” He wrote in his memoir Me & Sister Bobbie.“She had to be sure my marriage was over and that I was truly free.” 

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A Loving Mother and Wife  

The pairs have two children; born on 1988, Dec 25, Lukas Autry, and on May 24, 1990, Jacob Micah. Both of them have pursued their own musical career. 

During his 90th birthday, Micah and Lukas performed with his dad on the stage. Nelson even expressed how happy and proud he was with his kids and their careers.

“We’ve got a couple of great kids,” Nelson said. “I am proud of them and all they’re doing on their own. It’s great to have your kids with you at any time, but if they’re on the stage singing with you and they’re good, that makes it even better.” in an interview with PEOPLE. 

Before settling in with Annie D’Angelo, Nelson was in three different relationships. Making D’Angelo a step other to all his kids. Amy, 49, Paula, 53, Susie, 66, and Lana, 69. In 2017, his daughter Renee passed away at the age of 64, and his son Billy committed himself at the age of 33.

Willie Nelson also shared that Annie understood him perfectly during an interview with Parade in 2010, “I’m not easy to live with. I’m pretty temperamental, you know. I’ve been used to doing things my own way for so long that I’m not interested in any suggestions … There was friction with my other wives. But it seems like Annie and I did okay with each other. It takes a special person to live with me.”

Annie D’Angelo is an ambitious and caring women

Annie launched her edible chocolates under the label of  Willie’s Reserve in 2017. They come with the flavors; Roasted Cacao Buns and Maui Espresso Bean. 

“Partnering with the very best growers and retailers is a win-win,” says D’Angelo “Our partners put the same love and care into their businesses as we put into our Infused Chocolates with healthy ingredients and the finest chocolate available.”

Even Nelson praised her edibles, “The thing about edibles is you need to know what you’re getting into. Annie’s chocolates are clean, I trust the dosage and I happen to love them,”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, D’Angelo played a huge role and became a lifesaver in the Nelson house. She was preparing email schedules and helped Nelson in every way she could when he was infected with the virus. 

During an interview with the New York Times, she shared how she turned the entire house into a hospital.

“I had a nebulizer on the bus, I started everything I could at that point, including Paxlovid. He had the monoclonal antibodies. He had steroids.” 

“We turned the house into a hospital,” There were a couple of times when I wasn’t sure he was going to make it.” With D’Angelo’s care, Nelson was able to recover but he still had to follow her strict rules, 

0 “If I have to be the bad guy to keep him safe, I’ll be the bad guy,” she explained of testing and masking rules implemented after he fell ill. “A virus doesn’t care who you are, what you believe, how famous you are.”

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