Throwback to Morgan Wallen’s Blind Audition On The Voice

Before being one of the biggest stars of Country music, Morgan Wallen was just a normal guy, who loved throwing curve balls and playing baseball. He loved singing and ultimately went to The Voice for an audition.

Yep, you heard that right. Back in 2014, in The Voice Season 6, we could Morgan’s appearance in his mullet hairstyle. He was only 20 years old when he shocked Shakira with his audition on “Collide” by Howie Day.

The 2003 hit song was a good choice for Morgan but he never wanted to do a pop song. Morgan revealed that he wanted to audition for a country song, but they advised him to go with a pop song. In an interview with Country Countdown USA, he explained the statement, alongside how his elimination went.

“I made the top 20. When I made it there, I got a list of songs to choose from. A Florida Georgia Line song was the only country song on the list, so I sang their song and got kicked off. It shows you how things come full circle. Now I have a song with them.”

The first one to turn the chair was Shakira and Usher on second. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton didn’t have any room left on their party.

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Morgan went with Usher, however, he was later stolen by Adam Levine. Ultimately, he was eliminated in The Playoffs. Although he was saved multiple times from the elimination, he ultimately ran out of luck.

Wallen was only 20 years old during the audition, but his voice was still raspy at that time. It was more of a soft edition. He never had training on singing, but still made two chairs turn. That was quite an accomplishment for Wallen if you ask us.

The country star really looks young during the audition, but we can still listen to that raspiness, that he has today.

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