Who is Luke Combs’ wife?

We all remember when Luke Comb released his debut country song “Hurricane” and in no time it started to rise to the top of the Country Radio Airplay Chart. 

In 2023 he even released a cover song of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car which quickly caught many eyes. It was nominated for Best Solo Performance at the 2024 Grammy Awards. 

Luke went through thick and thongs but his wife Nicole Hocking was with him every 

moment. Let’s take a look at who Nicole is and how the country star ended up meeting her. 

How did Luke Combs meet Nicole Hocking?

Luke Combs wife Nicole Hocking  

Nicole and Combs met in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida during the 30A Songwriters Festival in 2016. They found themselves in the crowd and Luke joined Nicole and her friend group.

“I was leaving a songwriters round and he was walking up late to it. I was just like, ‘Hey, come hang out with us, why are you by yourself?” said Hawking during an interview on Couple Things with Shawn Johnson and Andrew East.

After the festival ended they both went back to Nashville. Hocking had always sought for a “starving artist” according to Nashville Lifestyles. 

During the publication in 2021, Comb said, “I could tell she was different than anybody I had ever met,” 

“I realized we could hang out and just be ourselves in front of each other,” Hocking said. “I could wear no makeup and be my weird self — because we’re all weird, but we get to choose who to share that side of us with. We could be each other’s weird in front of each other. That’s when it was like, ‘You know what? This guy’s a keeper.’”

When did Combs and Nicole get Engaged? 

Fans were. blessed with the notice that Combs was getting engaged with Hocking in November, then they posted a picture of him kissing her. 

“She said yes a while ago but this is a way better place to take pictures than the kitchen. Can’t wait to spend forever with you.” Combs wrote in his caption. 

The way that he proposed to her was really beautiful. He got on one knee and expressed his feelings. “It was great, It ended up being a better story than it would have been.” said Hocking. 

Combs dedicated ‘Beautiful Crazy’ to Hocking 

Luke Combs' Beautiful Crazy

In 2017 Combs released ‘Beautiful Crazy’ and later revealed on Nashville Lifestyles that he wrote the song when he first began to date Hocking. 

“The next time we wrote together I had just started hanging out with Nicole and had this overflow of feelings about her, so when I started writing, the lines just came out of the things that we did,” he said.

“Like the ‘Her day starts with a coffee and ends with a wine’ part, that wasn’t a corny  I made up. I just made her coffee every morning when we woke up and then I would pour her a wine every night,” he continued. “It just kind of fell together pretty quickly. I always felt like it was a really great song, and it was neat to be able to play it for her.”

Hockings then rold to Nashville Lifestyles where she found the character of the song really similar to her. 

“I obviously didn’t want to ask, ‘Is this about me?’ It made me a little bit shy, but it was awesome,” she said. “Everyone wants to have a song written about them!”

The song was a really huge success for the pair. It broke records and was titled, ‘Song Of The Year’ at the 2019 CMA Awards. 

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When did Luke Combs and Nicole Hocking Marry? 

Luke Combs wife Nicole Hocking

They engaged for almost two years, and the pair finally decided to tie the know on their beach home on August 1, 2020, in southern Florida

They only had 120 people at their wedding due to pandemic restrictions. “The small thing made it cool because we literally got to talk to everyone that was there and spend time with each of them,” said Combs. 

Nicole shared the news on her Instagram post, “Yesterday was the most special day!! I’m so happy to spend the rest of my life with you! Although we wish would could have had every single one of our family & friends there, we can’t wait to celebrate with everyone next year!’ 

During ACM Awards remote interviews, per Taste of Country, Hawking shared his thoughts on the Music Video ‘Forever After All’, “We wrestled with the idea of, ‘Is that corny and is it weird?’ It ended up being like, ‘You know what? This is the thing. We need to do this thing.’”

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