How did Jelly Roll meet his wife?

Jelly Roll’s wife, Bunnie XO, is a great source of inspiration for anyone interested in learning more about the melancholy songs he writes.

2016 saw Jelly Roll pop the question to Bunnie XO while performing live in Las Vegas. Unbeknownst to friends and relatives, the pair secretly married in a courtroom that same evening. Bunnie XO not only wed Jelly Roll but also took on the role of stepmother to the country music artist’s son, Noah, and daughter, Bailee.

Although there were sparks between them, Bunnie was in an abusive relationship at the time, so they quickly parted ways. This is everything you need to know about Jelly Roll’s marriage to his wife.

Bunnie launched her podcast, Dumb Blonde, after her YouTube channel gained popularity. She is a successful podcaster when she isn’t attending her husband’s concerts or making appearances in his music videos.

As “the degenerate love child of Dolly Parton & Dr. Ruth,” Bunnie describes herself in the podcast description. She has conducted interviews with a range of individuals, such as Jeffree Star, Priscilla Block, and Brantley Gilbert.

Jelly Roll honored Bunnie with a heartfelt Instagram post after the season six premiere earlier this year, highlighting her achievements. “I watched her build her own platform, her own podcast and her own team with ZERO help from me,” he said in part.

She wanted to do it on her own, she didn’t want to be just ‘Jelly Roll’s wife’ she wanted to build her own empire to empower women and share her story in hopes that it could motivate others to believe that they could change their lives and be happy.”

They first knew each other in 2015

Bunnie XO first got to know Jelly Roll in 2015 when she went to one of his shows at the Country Saloon in Las Vegas. Backstage, Jelly Roll revealed that Bunnie was in an abusive relationship during the time the future couple would be married.

In 2022, he told Taste of Country Nights.We hit it off. She said she fell in love with the saddest eyes in the room.” Soon after meeting her future husband, Bunnie broke up with her girlfriend. Their familiarity quickly developed into a sexual relationship when they were reunited through mutual friends.

He explained, “They split and I’m not going to act like I shot my shot. She kind of shot hers. We had mutual friends. She said, ‘Yo. Just plug me in with Jelly.’ And I hit her on some other [expletive]. I was like, ‘Yo. I’m going to be coming out to shoot some content and video stuff. She was like, ‘Yeah! C’mon!'”

When he got back to Vegas, Bunnie offered him her house, and they’ve been together ever since. He jokingly said, “It’s a white trash love story.” “When I hugged her, I could just feel the genuineness of her. I could tell it wasn’t an act.”

While performing in Vegas, Jelly Roll asked Bunnie to marry him after a year of romance. In an attempt to save time, the couple got married on August 31, 2016, in a courtroom ceremony after having an informal wedding that evening. In 2023, they reaffirmed their vows.

Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO married in 2016

Last year, on their sixth anniversary, he sent an admiration tribute on Instagram. “Looking back at what felt like the absolute wildest decision I ever made it ended up literally being the best decision I’ve made my entire life.”

He added, “This woman has truly changed my life in every way possible. She truly changed the lens in which I see life through. These last 6 years have been a testament of the growth two rebels can make when they bring the best out of each other and push each other to the next level.”

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