Who Is Lacey Chabert’s Husband, David Nehdar?

The Mean Girls actress has kept quiet about many aspects of her private life, including her romantic relationship. Over the years, the couple has kept their relationship low-key; in interviews, Chabert hardly ever brings up her husband or their marriage. It wasn’t until after their wedding that she disclosed their engagement and her husband’s identity.

In June 2014, Chabert told PEOPLE about her choice to keep details of her personal life, including her wedding, private, saying, “I didn’t want it to feel like an event.”

She added, “I wanted it to be personal, He’s not in the business and we like our privacy, and I just think relationships are hard enough without the opinion of strangers. So we try to keep it as personal and private as possible.”

David Nehdar is a businessman married to Lacey Chabert. He was born and grew up in Los Angeles, California. He has wanted to be one since he was a small child, and his desire has helped him achieve incredible success.

He began working for his family’s business after receiving his degree in business administration. Over his career, he has made several profitable investments thanks to his thorough understanding of the real estate market.

Because of his extensive experience, David Nehdar also entered the entertainment and hotel industries.

Surprisingly, though, there aren’t many good pictures of him online. David Nehdar is married to a well-known actress, thus he doesn’t like to brag. Although there are pictures of Lacey and a man online that show them both dressed like brides, the man isn’t her spouse. The majority of these men who were pictured with Lacey were, in reality, her on-screen spouses.

David and Lacey married in 2013

From a young age, he had aspirations of becoming a prosperous businessman. His current level of success is a result of his thorough planning and knowledge of several sectors.

After he wed Lacey Chabert in 2013, his name became public. Although the ceremony was private, the couple had invited many well-known actors to their wedding.

David Nehdar and Lacey Chabert devoted to their marriage of love with a quiet, beautiful, and intimate wedding ceremony. The couple kept their marriage a secret, so even though we wanted to wish them happiness, their lovely and passionate wedding photos hardly ever surfaced online. Okay, we get it. Sometimes the life of a celebrity might be too intrusive.

Through Twitter, Lacey Chabert revealed her pregnancy in 2016. A few weeks later, they disclosed the gender of their unborn child on Instagram, stating that it will be a girl. The couple gave Lacey’s mother, Julie Chabert, the name Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar in honor of her.

David Nehdar and his family

The pair has been updating their admirers all over the world on their lives and their adorable daughter Julia through frequent image posts.

David Nehdar, A little about him

David Nehdar, Lacey Chabert’s spouse, is well-known in the business community.

Nehdar is a quiet person, therefore information about him and his ventures in business can be difficult to come across. Naturally, he rarely posts information on his public platforms on the security of his companies. Given his broad understanding, his projects may have to do with investments.

David Nehdar is a successful entrepreneur who makes much more money than the average person. Online reports state that he earns close to $9 million, while another successful actress, Lacey Chabert, is thought to make about $4 million.

Being married to a celebrity, particularly a well-known one, means preparing for the spotlight, microphones, and blinding flashes. The actress’s admirers and followers have undoubtedly discussed Lacey Chabert’s marriage to one of the wealthiest businessmen, David Nehdar.

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